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Chaplain Michael Irvin

20 years ago, during a short stint in the Army Reserves, I worked as a correctional officer for the York County Prison. I saw the need for Christ not only for the inmates but also for the other correctional officers. My desire became to continue prison ministry in York, Pennsylvania upon retirement from the military in November 2020. After meeting our Good News chaplain, I knew that becoming a chaplain was what I wanted and needed. This is what I believe I have been called to do for the remainder of my life.

Chaplain Mike Pence

Unfortunately, coming from a deeply dysfunctional family, I turned to drugs, alcohol, and poor relationships. In addition, my Christian beliefs were muddied with New Age deception. While serving three years of incarceration, I devoted myself wholly to being a disciple of Christ and becoming rooted and grounded in Jesus and the Word. When I was fresh out of rehab, I began investing heavily in the Bible as my sole authority for everything. My relationship with God grew more and more every day. The Lord kept revealing Himself to me along the journey as He was restoring me. As my marriage was brought back together and relationships with my family were healing, the Lord laid it on my heart to proclaim the Good News to the lost world. I could not stop talking about Jesus and what he did in my life. I wanted everyone in the entire world to know Jesus Christ lifted addictions out of my life and could do the same for anyone who trusted him. My father, a county jail Chaplain, asked if I would come in as a volunteer. At first, I was hesitant and wanted to grow more in the Lord before I was put into any ministry opportunity but the Lord kept calling me into the jail. After five years as a volunteer, the Lord opened doors to join Good News. The Lord has always been faithful, and jail has my heart. I love the men and, more importantly, know that Jesus loves them.

Be The Change

Our chaplains are more than spiritual guides; they are beacons of hope in places often forgotten by the world. They step into correctional facilities, bringing with them the transformative power of the Gospel. Their dedication, compassion, and unwavering faith inspire us every day.

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Hampton Roads, VA
Full-Time Male Chaplain

Seminole County, FL *
Full-Time Male Chaplain

Lancaster County, NE *
Full-Time Male Chaplain

Jackson County, MS *
Full-Time Male Chaplain

Daviess County, KY *
Full-Time Male Chaplain

Central Florida (location TBD)*
Part-Time Male Chaplain

Montgomery County, MD
Full-Time Male Chaplain

Danville, VA 
Full-Time Male Chaplain

Okaloosa County, FL *
Full-Time Male Chaplain

Salt Lake County, UT 
Full-Time Male Chaplain

Multiple Locations – TBD
Full-Time & Part-Time Female Chaplain

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